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A wedding planner is required for big-budget weddings. However, this is far from reality. It’s important to seek out all possible help when planning your wedding. An experienced wedding organizer will simplify the process and relieve you of all the stress so that you can have the best time possible.

These are the top reasons to hire a wedding planner for your big day.

1. Enjoy your wedding

No matter what your budget or size, planning your wedding is hard work. You can relax and concentrate on your vision by hiring a wedding planner. You can relax knowing that someone else will handle the details, which makes your life easier.

#2 #2.

One of the most important and often the worst things about Indian weddings is the fact that all the planning and execution is done by family members and friends. While there are many things that can be compared to the personal touch and bonding it creates, it can also reduce the enjoyment of your closest friends. Pre-wedding work can be fun. However, you don’t want your siblings or parents running around trying to do all the work instead of enjoying the day. A wedding planner will allow them to relax and let someone else handle all the details.

#3. You get the best deals ever!

Experts in their fields, wedding planners work on many weddings throughout the year. They also have strong relationships and connections with vendors in the area. They can offer special deals and accommodate your requests. The wedding organizer can make sure that your sangeet hours are extended beyond curfew.

#4 Hence, vendors are accountable

Vendors not meeting their promises or failing to deliver on time are two things you don’t want at your wedding. You need to coordinate with many vendors to plan your wedding. This includes the mehendi, makeup artists, venues, caterers, and decor. These professionals usually take 50% as an advance. Once you have paid, they are at your disposal. You can ask a wedding planner for recommendations on vendors and choose reliable people. They will ensure that they deliver on their promises because the wedding planner is a big business source for these vendors.

#5. #5.

New wedding trends are constantly emerging, from the bride arriving at the venue in her own baraat to the honeymoon photographer being hired and wearing a mehendi blouse’ to the bride getting ready for the ceremony. You want to make sure you get the best, and not miss out on something great that could have made your wedding even more memorable. Wedding event planners can keep you up to date on the latest trends so you can incorporate them into your wedding.

#6 It won’t cost anything!

Contrary to popular belief, not all wedding planners are expensive. They work on a commission basis and charge a percentage from the total wedding budget. Their fee will be lower if your wedding is smaller. They also offer many services, so you don’t have to provide your entire wedding plan. You can choose services such as guest logistics and wedding decor that are more difficult to manage, and leave the rest to your family.

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