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An outdoor wedding is magical. You can be swept off your feet by the moonlit sky, or you can drink mimosas while dancing to the beats a dhol on bright days. It’s a far cry from a formal banquet or hall. We recommend a backyard wedding if you are planning your big day.

1. The perfect backdrop is yours for nothing!

As we all know decor is the most costly part of planning a wedding. If you are looking for an outdoor ceremony and you make smart choices about your location, this can help you cut down on the cost. No matter if you’re local or far away, nature can be your decorator. You can add charm to your event with beautiful landscaping, a mountain view or even jungle greens. Strings of fairy lights can make these venues seem like a fairytale.

#2. #2.

Weather is an important factor in planning an outdoor wedding. You wouldn’t plan an outdoor wedding in the middle of torrential downpours or peak summer. If the weather favors you, your event can be truly memorable. Weather can make outdoor wedding receptions more enjoyable. This includes having your guests gather around bonfires at winter weddings or enjoying a breezy, cloudy autumn evening.

#3 It is safer and better ventilated.

The pandemic brought outdoor weddings back to life. Outdoor venues will remain the most popular choice for both guests and couples, given our new outlook on safety and health. Open air is safer than an enclosed indoor environment.

#4 It is more open, airy and spacious.

A backyard wedding, or any other outdoor event, is a great option because space is not at a premium. Indoor spaces are more expensive than outdoor spaces. This means that guests will have less space to relax, eat, and socialize in cramped venues. An outdoor wedding allows you to choose a larger area, set up your seating arrangements, create separate sections for food, and really have the freedom to play around with the space. It’s open air makes it feel less cramped.

#5. #5.

Without stunning photography, what wedding is it? Your big day should be full of memorable photos that you will always remember. You know what is the most flattering when it comes to photos? Natural light. Outdoor weddings are a great way to ensure everyone looks their best without having to use elaborate lighting. Outdoor venues offer a more natural backdrop for photo booths.

#6. Entertainment has a new meaning!

Outdoor celebrations offer endless entertainment possibilities. You have many options for entertainment. There are many things you can do, including a rain dance, creating an area for children, and having outdoor games for the bride party.

#7 #7. It’s all about character, having a unique celebration

An indoor wedding is limited in how unique it can be. Pre-fixed halls will look exactly like that. You can decorate it however you like, but the hall’s shell will remain fixed. Outdoor weddings offer endless possibilities. The possibilities are endless when it comes to making the outdoor wedding unique. You can transform the space into whatever you want, create elaborate backdrops and sets, and even use the natural environment as a backdrop. You can make your event a picture-perfect one by simply finding the right venue.

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