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While celebrating any joyful occasion together will leave you with a lot of great memories, it might not be the same for everyone. This is about our environment, the mother Earth. It is amazing how much waste is left after celebrations, especially grand ones. Many people now realize the importance of being green, especially with climate change becoming a major issue. How can green celebrations be had? What are the steps?

Here are a few ways to have a wonderful green celebration

#1. #1.

Without decorations, what celebration is complete without them? The first step in green celebrations is to replace the plastic decorations with natural ones. The best option is to use flowers and leaves. Flowers will add the color you need to your party. You can also choose items made of natural materials. You can also replace balloons with paper lanterns or confetti with flowers.

#2. #2.

Food is something we all love. Do you realize how much food gets wasted at these events? It is enough to feed hundreds, if not thousands of people. We waste resources when we throw away food. Be mindful.

#3 #3.

Single-use plastic is a common practice in India. Our silly mistakes are causing irreparable damage to the planet. We are also affected by it, but we are too lazy or inept to notice it and do anything about it. Cutlery made from dried woods and leaves can be a good option. Banana leaves are a common way of eating in many cultures. This style might also be available.

#4 #4.

We agree that gifting is important. However, in this age of technology, gift-giving and packaging seems outdated. This system can not only use unwanted gift wrappers, but it can also lead to unwelcome gifts. You can save time and stress by creating a gift registry. You won’t have to buy the same gift twice and you will receive the best gifts. It’s great that anyone can help.

Here are some ways to reduce plastic waste if you host events. Green celebrations are the future. One step can lead to hundreds. Be the change that you desire to see.

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