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Like fine wine, marriages age beautifully. Every year spent with your spouse should be celebrated. Here are some anniversary party ideas to help you celebrate another year of being together.

1. #1.

 It’s perfect for testing your love and compatibility with your spouse. It is very simple. You create a list with questions you’ll ask each partner separately. These questions will help you gauge how well your partner knows you. You can ask anything, from their favorite movie to their idea for a cheat meal or their first crush. Each partner must answer the questions separately. You are scored based on how many of the answers you match those given by the other person. A perfect score of 10 means that you are very familiar with your spouse, while a zero indicates that you need to catch up.

#2. It’s taboo!

A couple’s taboo is a great game to play at an anniversary party. Taboo is a game in which you must make your partner guess the word, without using the list of taboo terms that are on the card. These are the most commonly used words to explain the original word. To get your partner to guess, you must share your experiences and your understanding. It’s easy, fun, and you can have as many couples as possible.


This anniversary party game is fun and simple. All you need to do is grab a scarf. It’s very simple: you blindfold one half of the couple and say the wife. You then make the men stand together, and the wife must find her husband. There is no room for talking.


This one is a throwback from all the kiddy parties in the 90s. This paper dance game is perfect for adult anniversary parties. Ask each couple to take a newspaper and have them dance on it. You make the paper smaller each time the music stops. Every couple who steps off the paper is disqualified. The paper’s last couple wins. It’s both simple and romantic all at once.

 #5. Never Have I Ever

This anniversary party game is great for getting everyone in high spirits. Everyone must sit in a circle. You ask everyone to take turns making a single statement beginning with “never have you ever” and moving along the line. For example, you could say, “Never have I learned to salsa”. All who have had a drink, and all who have not, should have one. It’s a great way for everyone to get to know each other and get a little drunk.


Last but not least, couple’s Karaoke is a fun and simple anniversary party game. You can rent a microphone or a karaoke device and invite couples to join in the singing. Couples can choose their favorite music, from cult songs to romantic old Hindi numbers. This has one drawback: Your guests might not be the greatest singers, and those who think they are Madonna may not want to take the mic. You can take that risk if you are willing to sing.

Are you planning your anniversary party. Make a gift list so that your guests can buy you what you want.

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