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Summer is the best season to go out of your apartment and enjoy a picnic in a park. Spend a few minutes to enjoy a relaxing evening in a West Warwick park. The Greenwich Place Blog offers some great tips for picnic food.

Back-to the Basics

Sandwiches are a great picnic option, even though we don’t recommend putting PB&J in a brown bag. You can be creative with your crust. Flatbread, flatbread, and sourdough are all options. Your creativity is the limit! To complete your picnic, make sure you have a salad and other fruits and veggies.

English Inspired

Jane Austen, an English author, wrote about nineteenth-century picnics. She painted a beautiful picture of pastoral bliss. You can indulge in a Jane Austen-inspired picnic complete with a tablecloth, tea service, and tea service. You’re not the only one who finds this idea intriguing.  Demonstrates how it was done in her blog How to Throw a Regency Tea Party Picnic. Bite From the Past is another great resource for picnic food ideas.

Mexican Picnic Food

Although chili is not a common choice, it makes a great Mexican picnic food. You can plan ahead and keep the chili warm with a thermos until you are ready to eat. You can also take a portable stove to heat up tamales and Iquitos. These are very easy to eat by hand. Add salt, chili powder and butter to your elate (corn on a cob, grilled or boiled in husk), for a delicious dish. A salad with lettuce, beans and cilantro is a great way to finish off your meal.

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