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While some people are picnic-lovers and have a list of everything they want to take, others may not know what to pack. I will help you with this.


Here are some of my tips and tricks for picnics. You can take little blankets or baskets with you, as well as the recipes on my blog. Continue reading to discover my top picks.

  1. The Basket Although I don’t have a picnic hamper, I have been looking at them for a while. These baskets are chic, practical and adorable in summer. There are many options available – some with lots of space to store food, and others that come with cutlery and plates. If you are always on the move and need everything at your fingertips, this M&S one is for you.
  2. Bring your blankets. A blanket is a good place to gather with friends and spread out all your food. You might want to get one that has a waterproof side. The one below from H&M is great! You may also want to bring a few normal blankets as well just to have at hand in case it’s a bit cold out  
  3. Water and Iced Tea! You can keep the drinks cold in the fridge up to the last minute. If you need them to stay cool throughout the picnic, you can bring a cooler. A good idea is to use an ice-sleeve to protect the bottles. When it comes to bringing home-made Iced Tea, get a swing-top glass bottle – those are great for transporting liquids around in big quantities!P6261711.jpg
  4. Delicious snacks: You have endless options when it comes to what food you can bring to picnics. Finger sandwiches, quiches, muffins, fruit and vegetables, cheese plates & carrots, and hummus are my favorites. These are all easy to make and can be taken with you anywhere. Here are some other fantastic options I have created from my own recipes:
    1. Chocolate Brownies
    2. Egg White Muffins
    3. Roasted Chickpeas
    4. Simple Summer Salad
    5. Delicious Berry Pie
  5. Wipes and Napkins . They aren’t boring, but they can be very useful! Use wet-wipes to easily remove any crumbs and sticky fingers.
  6. Last but not least… a camera for capturing the moments you have with your family 

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