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Picnics are synonymous with summertime.

Picnics can be as simple as or as complex as you wish. A picnic can be as simple as a spur-of-the moment sandwich on the lawn. A picnic is as simple as choosing a beautiful location, inviting friends, packing delicious food, and bringing something to eat.

You can also pack some simple finger foods and a blanket if you prefer the easy route. Bread, cheese, and cured meats are all delicious and easy-to-transport. A bottle opener and a good bottle of wine will make this a great summer afternoon.

You should approach planning a larger event or party as you would for a small one. You will need a picnic blanket, picnic basket and cooler. Also, a portable speaker, tablecloth, napkins, and a bottle opener are essential. You will need a large tablecloth for your “table”. Make sure to choose dishes that are easy to transport, can be prepared ahead of time and can be served at room temperature. On warm days, cold sandwiches, chilled salads, and icy drinks are great options! Keep these items cool and safe by keeping them in ice.

A Frisbee, football or baseball is a great addition to outdoor fun. You might consider a park that has a playground nearby if you have children.

The best thing about a picnic, in the end is the company. There is nothing better than being outside in the natural world and sharing delicious food with friends. Enjoy!

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