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As I was sitting at my desk to write this article, I thought of traditional picnics. They have the blue or red checked tablecloths, a basket to hold all the goodies, small containers and bags that are filled with delicious things like potato salad, potato chips, lemonade, plastic plates, paper plates and lots of napkins. I.

My childhood picnics are also something I thought of. My family loved picnics. It was a way to enjoy great food, eat with your hands, and get out in the fresh air. I remember the olive & pimiento sandwiches with mustard, lettuce, tomato, and a large helping of my mom’s macaroni salad. It had bits of hard boiled eggs, mayo, mustard, lots of celery, minced onion, and sometimes even sliced green olives. While my dad preferred a sturdy, clean bench for picnics, I prefer to lay on the ground on a blanket. This was my preferred way to enjoy a picnic. We used his thick wool, green Army blanket to keep dirt, sticks and bugs from getting through.

My brother and I loved picnics as kids. We didn’t know what our mom had packed so we eagerly awaited the reveal. We were hungry upon arriving at our spot, even though we had just eaten. Fresh air seems to make people hungry. . .

It’s amazing to have a traditional picnic. A picnic in any form can happen anywhere. In fact, the photo shoot for this article took place in my backyard. A backyard is a great spot for picnics. You can just throw down a blanket, and you don’t have to fight traffic to get there. You can also run into the house to grab more if you run short of something. That is what I love.



Picnics can be held on a boat with hot coffee, blueberry muffins, or on a bench in the park with a sandwich, chips, and a bag from the deli.


Picnics can take many forms, and they are magical because you don’t have to adhere to any rules. All you need is to sit under a tree or in the shade, take off your shoes and tie, and then lie down in the cool grass. While enjoying delicious food and the company of your loved ones. You don’t have to be anywhere, but it doesn’t matter where you are going for a picnic. It’s good for your soul.

I read somewhere that happiness is like a potato salad, which, when shared with others becomes a picnic. That sounds like my idea of happiness!

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