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​​the most glamorous way to celebrate in the open

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Being the first to establish picnic servicing in Perth, we are able to master the art of outdoor setting, timing and special touches in every picnic we provide. We are always on top of our game in creating something that is personal and unique to your liking.

​Your complete trust is important to us, thus we are always excited in exceeding your expectations. We are still in awe for all the love we are getting from you Perth folks.

​We heart you!!!


With so much love for outdoors and and appreciation of beautiful things, Picnics by Design was born. For you and your event we will create an unforgettable outdoor experience, at the location of your choosing. Whether it's a birthday in the park, engagement by the beach, or even in your back yard.

Our company is ever growing and we are enjoying every moment of it, including all the challenges thrown at us. We have added many type of event styling on our portfolio. Whether you fancy a formal long table sit-down affair or a more laid back backyard soiree, you can trust us to bring to life the ideas that you have in mind. All of our designs are unique to your booking and we endeavour to being always on top of our game being the First Luxury Picnic Provider in Perth.

Perth is such a beautiful city and has one of the best climates in the world. Why not make the most of it, and have your next celebration outdoor. We make everything pretty, easy and classy. Rest assured that we will provide you with the best picnic styling and the most luxurious picnic platters.

Leave everything to us. Just sit back and relax. We bring the  luxe in picnic.