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Are you looking for creative ways to entertain your guests at a wedding? COVID has put an end to crowded dance floors. There are many other ways to get positive vibes throughout your special day.

These games make a great icebreaker and allow your guests to mix and mingle while adding a special touch to your wedding reception. We’ve collected 11 of our favourite wedding reception games that your guests will enjoy, including lawn games and newlywed trivia.

Wedding Lawn Games

You can keep your guests busy during cocktail hour while you take photos. You can host an outdoor wedding and set up crowd-pleasing games to entertain your guests before dinner.

Some of the most popular games for wedding lawns include:

  • Giant Jenga. Similar to the traditional game but larger! Each guest removes blocks from carefully stacked towers, placing them back on top and trying not to topple them.
  • GiantConnect Four. A game for both kids and adults that is life-size.
  • Bocce Ball. Individually or in groups, guests take turns rolling their bocce balls towards the smaller target ball. The nearest target is the winner.
  • Croquet. Provide a “course” of croquet for guests and a stack of wooden mallets or balls. This is a great idea for outdoor spaces with some extra space.
  • Corn Hole. Create your wooden board with target holes and give guests weighted bags to throw.

You can hire lawn games from a local supplier or make your own. You can paint games like Giant Jenga or corn hole to match your wedding colours and add a personal touch.

Games for Wedding Reception Table

Interactive table games can be used to break up small groups of guests. These games can be played while guests wait for the bride and groom to arrive at the reception or between meals. The best thing? The best part? They are very easy to set up, require little effort and can be used as a starting point for conversations.

Mad Libs

This “fill in the blank” game will make your guests laugh! Either order customized Mad Libs cards for your wedding from Etsy or arranged them with your stationery designer. Ask your guests to create their own Mad Libs versions of your proposal story, wedding vows, or well wishes for tomorrow. Keep the completed versions for your new spouse to read after the ceremony!

Date Night Jar

Each table should be provided with a glass container, blank cards and pens. Ask your guests to share their favourite date night idea with you and put it in the jar. You’ll be able to create a list of date night ideas for your spouse that you can use throughout your married life.

Photo Scavenger Hunt

Each table should be given a list of photos taken for the evening. You could use this list to capture a group selfie, old-school dance moves, clinking glasses or couples kissing. Each table can be provided with a disposable camera. Guests can collect the cameras at the end of each night.

Group Games for Wedding Receptions

The wedding reception games are a great way to get everyone involved. These games can be played during dinner or after dinner. Our tip? Our tip? Have your MC handle these games to make sure everything runs smoothly.

The Shoe Game

Two chairs should be placed in front of the wedding guests, facing each other. You and your spouse will each take a seat, holding one of your shoes and one of your partners. Your MC will ask you questions and hold up the appropriate shoe to answer them.

We recommend that you include a mixture of silly and sweet questions when asking guests for their ideas for shoe games. Take this example:

  • Who was the first to make a move?
  • Who said that I loved you first?
  • Which cook is better?
  • Who is more stylish?
  • Who are you more likely to be late?
  • Who is more romantic than you?
  • Which driver is better?
  • Who can crack the hilarious jokes?
  • Who hoards the blankets more than anyone else?
  • Which car is cleaner?
  • Who has the best ideas for dates?
  • In a relationship, who wears the pants?

You will make your guests laugh as you offer a glimpse into your intimate relationship.

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