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Your wedding should reflect you and your spouse. DIYing certain day elements is a cost-effective and great way to do this.

You might love the idea of saving thousands of dollars by making everything yourself. Think about what you are getting yourself into before you book your next crafternoon session for the next year.

You may think it would be great to save money by making everything yourself, but you should also consider how long each item will take.

What time are you able to dedicate to planning your wedding? Depending on your budget, style, and number of guests, your time planning your wedding can vary.

It takes on average 250 hours to plan a wedding. This is why many brides spread their planning over 9-12 months. It would be best if you also considered your day job and other commitments in addition to your wedding tasks. It will take you longer than you think!

You will need to be honest about your abilities and the time it takes. You should be able to manage if you are a skilled craftsperson with many skills. Pre-wedding is not the right time to learn new skills, such as how to crochet a wedding gown, cross-stitch table runners and flower arrangements. Do not take on more than what you are capable of.

Also, consider how much help you have – are your future husband, bridesmaids and friends willing to help? It’s not a good idea to work alone on your wedding planning.

Finally, consider your priorities for the wedding. It is best to let professionals handle anything extremely important on your wedding day.

Things that you shouldn’t DIY

There are many aspects of your wedding you should leave to professionals. Experts can save you stress, heartache and time.

You should leave the rest to the pros. The experts can help you with any aspect of your wedding that is important to you. A reputable supplier with a lot of experience should be able to deliver incredible results.

You can shop around for a supplier that understands your needs and can deliver them within your budget.


You can imagine your wedding night filled with dancing and laughter. Hire a professional DJ or band to provide the entertainment, not someone’s iPod plugged into the venue’s sound system.

You will find bands, DJs, singers, and duos regularly playing at weddings. They are all professionals who can read the crowd and guide the night in the right direction.

Talk to your entertainer about what you want for the night. The details can be left up to them while you dance on the dance floor.

You can save money by hiring local students to perform your ceremony music.

Makeup and hair

You can do it yourself, but this is your WEDDING DAY! You deserve to pamper yourself and feel more beautiful than ever with the help of someone skilled at contouring flawlessly.


After your wedding is over, you will be back on your honeymoon. The only tangible thing you will have from your wedding are your photos.

Photography is an art form. You can’t trust your guests to get all the shots you want. A professional wedding photographer is the best choice. Their sole purpose is to capture all the details and special moments of your wedding day.


Hire a professional videographer to film all the highlights of your event. You and your guests will be too busy enjoying the moment to record the memories.


Do you remember the first time you cooked for 100 of your close friends and family members? You probably haven’t. It is impossible to coordinate, prepare and coordinate food service for your wedding without missing the main event.

You should let the caterer know if you are looking for delicious, fresh food.

Extensive styling or decor setup

Be aware that certain venues may have restrictions. Before you start searching the internet for pinata instructions or vintage drip candles, check before you go. You may not have access in time to prepare for the big day.

It is important not to allow your wedding day to be filled by excessive prop placement. This is a time to relax with your family and friends and enjoy some pampering, including champagne.

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