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Do you and your groom desire stunning, candid, and natural engagement, elopement or wedding photos? Are you dreaming of candid, natural photographs that capture your wedding day in a fun and relaxed way? It is not difficult to see photographs on my website that look natural and authentic. While such photographs are possible every wedding day, it is not the only way to capture my couples’ most important moments.

You might be wondering how all of this is possible with just one shoot. You might ask yourself this question: Would you trust your car to an untrained mechanic for repairs? Are they professionals? Do you want someone who has been professionally trained or just someone who can fix your car? The same applies to photography. My goal is to make amazing photos, not awkward smiles, funny-looking movements, arms and legs, or not knowing what to do. Geoff will provide you with a professional photographer.

Before we get into the details of the cost of a photographer for your wedding and the location, let’s first consider the average price for a wedding photographer. Perhaps you are getting married or looking for the best location for your engagement shoot.

My experience is that couples who love their chosen venue for their wedding naturally relax. You might consider a top-of-the-line mountain venue or the best city venue in Calgary. Photography is easier when you know the location that you love. If you are unsure of where to begin, a Wedding Planner is available.

Let me say that professional photographs will make summaries in many ways. Can you think about your partner throughout the shoot? Consider everything you love about your partner and why you want to spend the rest of a happy, fulfilled life with them. This alone will make your photo shoot a lot more fun.

Let’s get started.


Natural smiles are a great way to express yourself. How do you smile when you are told to by a photographer? A bride and groom who feel confident about their investment in a photographer can help them smile naturally. When they aren’t stressed, the bride and groom can relax and smile. A wedding planner is a great way to reduce stress levels. You will feel more relaxed knowing that everything is being taken care of.


The key to success is movement. Walking around Lake Louise and dancing in the mountains in Banff. Crossing a Calgary street as fast as you can while holding hands. You can feel your lips touch with your fingers while thinking about your partner. You become uncomfortable and still if you stop moving.


Do you ever touch your partner? What is the best way to touch your partner? What is the most important thing about touch? It’s well-known that connecting and connecting are important. Imagine being surrounded at Moraine Lake by The Valley Of The Ten Peak as you touch and reconnect.

Too much posed

Many photographers around Calgary and the world force you to pose for photos. You will not print that photo if you pose too much. Imagine spending thousands of dollars at locations like Canmore for awkward photos. You’ll instead print the simple picture of you looking into your camera. It will be more meaningful to you because it is simpler. Your photographer shouldn’t be present for “excessively posed” photos. It would be best to consider how much photoshop could be applied to these photographs. Consider the big picture in your life.


You’ve chosen the best venue for your wedding and want to have fun. Let me ask you, right now: What do you most love about your partner? Do you love her/his playful nature? Do you want to see someone that is fun to photograph? Your photographer should know how to capture the fun you love. Do you want to have fun getting ready? The fun part of a groom’s day is getting ready. It is not something to take too seriously. My bridal guide could make getting ready for the wedding more enjoyable, as well as give tips and tricks on hair and makeup.


This one is hard for me. It is common to see people looking away from one another in photographs. There is a distinction between serious and editorial looks. Likely, you are not a trained model, so that the serious look can be mistaken for anger. This is not for my clients or me. Even if they had a second photographer, they would still get the same angry photos. This is not what I want for my couples.


Laughter can often bring joy, which can lead to laughter, which can bring out the fun that makes you smile. It is important to make someone laugh so that other emotions are brought out. It’s one thing to choose a beautiful Alberta mountain location for your ceremony, but it’s quite another to select a photographer who will capture your laughter. As you see their portfolio, ask your photographer how they will make you laugh on your wedding day.

Final thoughts

Have fun, smile, laugh, hug and be happy. Weddings are often expected to be perfect and perform. What do you desire from your wedding day? It is more important that you have a great day and remember it in 20 years. Transparency is the reason I share so much about my education resources. I must find out the best way to connect with my couples.

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