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There’s no denying that engagement shoots have become very popular these days and when it comes to the fall season, the excitement increases due to the holiday & Christmas mood. Engagement photos can help in capturing the primary steps that a wedding couple takes towards their new lifestyle together. Hence, professional wedding photographers want their wedding couples to always feel at ease so that they can showcase their true personalities in the photos they click. 

So, as a wedding bride or groom, how can you make your fall engagement photos stand out? Well, that’s what we’re about to find out in this comprehensive guide. 

Tips & Tricks For Obtaining The Ideal Fall Engagement Photos

  1. Always Be Yourself

According to a well-known service provider for professional wedding photography in Adelaide, engagement photos are all about showing your true self. There shouldn’t be any fake smiles or poses – everything should look organic. 

You have to be confident in the outfit that you’ll be wearing as well as the location where the photo shoot is taking place. 

  1. Match Your Outfit & Accessories With The Fall Season

While this is an obvious suggestion, most wedding couples forget about the same when shooting their fall engagement photos. Since it’s the fall season, wear outfits that showcase moodier tones, like white, beige, black, peach, sky blue, and more.

  1. Don’t Forget To Smile

Avoid posing with a fake smile in your engagement photos. Instead, live in the moment and try to enjoy yourself with your partner. That’s when the real laughs and smiles will come, which are worth capturing. 

  1. Try To Go Natural With Your Makeup (Especially For The Bride)

Fall engagement shoots showcase your real self, so don’t decide to go with super-glam makeup that looks weird & out of place. Instead, try to go natural with less makeup. As a result, you can feel beautiful & confident without needing any chemical product. 

  1. Usage Of Props

While it’s not suggested that you go overboard with props on your engagement photos, it’s still worthy to have something rather than nothing. Since it’s the fall season, you can use scarfs, blankets, fall season fruits and so on, to keep the photographs looking interesting and well-thought-out.

  1. Ask Your Wedding Photographer To Capture All Types Of Photos

Apart from shooting traditional portraits, you can ask your wedding photographer to mix in other styles as well, such as editorial or documentary type photographs. It’s all about creating a compelling story and the more types of photographs you’ll obtain, the better you’ll be able to showcase the same to your friends & families. 

We hope you loved our recommendations and if you have any further queries, don’t forget to contact us today. 

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