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“Something old, something new or borrowed, something borrowed, some blue, a sixpence on your shoe” is the rhyme superstitious brides use to get lucky. What does all this have to do about a happy and long marriage?

You can fulfill the rhyme in a hurry by checking multiple superstitions at once. You could borrow a pair of blue shoes from a friend.

The History Behind the Rhyme

This rhyme is from Victorian England and represents both continuity and new beginnings. “[It] refers to the clothes a bride should wear to her wedding to have a successful marriage,” says Jeannette Tavares, president of Evoke Design & Creative Jeannette. This tradition dates back to the late 1800s in Lancashire, England. An 1871 issue St. James Magazine.”

Tavares explained that she and her team are often asked to integrate the tradition. She says that some brides are worried about being too cheesy and feel outdated tradition. Another concern is how to make the bride’s outfit stand out from the rest. We have some suggestions for both traditional and modern styles.

Something Old

“Something Old” is meant to symbolize the best from a couple’s life together and their intention to incorporate that into their marriage. This may include a piece of jewelry that the bride’s grandmother, aunt, or mother wore.

Dawn, a bride who used items from her wedding that held sentimental attachments to her family and friends, said, “Both our Wedding Bands were old’: My grandmother gave my husband my grandfather’s band and my mother gave me my mother’s band.”

Something New

“Something new” refers to the new life that the couple will begin together. Tavares states that it may include a gift from the groom or his family. However, it could also include anything from a new piece to a new bride accessory.

Something Borrowed

The superstition of “Something borrowed” is more common. This refers to the belief that borrowing items from a happy married woman will bring good fortune for the new bride. You can use a hairpin or jewelry such as a bracelet your mother gave you, which Dawn wore on Dawn’s big day.

Something Blue

Blue is a color that represents “fidelity and love’s purity.” Tavares claims it is meant to be an item that “baffles the evil eye”.

Bride Lucy used the rhyme to show her love for those she loves. She asked her friends to write sweet messages with a blue marker on the soles of her shoes. You can also choose a blue garter or blue sneakers. Tavares shares that “We still see many brides monogram their initials and date into the bottom dress in blue.”

Sixpence on Your Shoe

In Victorian times, the father would put a sixpence in his daughter’s shoes to signify good fortune and prosperity.

Many couples now trade sixpence for a penny. Instead of slipping it in their shoes, they might tie the coin onto the ring bearer’s pillows or incorporate the coin into the grooms’ cufflinks.

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