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This guide will help you entertain the guys while the girls are getting ready.

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In the early days of Southern, marriages started earlier in the morning. A church ceremony was common in the morning, followed by a lunch reception at noon. This usually ended a few hours later. Evening ceremonies that last into the morning with receptions are now the norm.

The groom and his groomsmen have the opportunity to plan an evening activity before the festivities start. The guys are less time-consuming than the bride, who spends most of her morning with her maidens, making hair and makeup appointments and taking photos. They all say, “Amen!”

These are some ways to keep your boys entertained before you go. Remember to wear sunscreen and a hat for outdoor activities. Sunburns can ruin your plans. It shouldn’t ruin your wedding day. It’s okay to have a few cocktails or beers before the ceremony, but you should know your limits. Over-served groomsmen and groomsmen are unattractive. No matter what you do before your big day, ensure that you are relaxed and not exhausted. A wedding day is not a sprint. And it’s a marathon. The experience should last as long as possible.


For a men’s day out, Golf is a great option. Schedule an early tee and arrange a skin or match play for some healthy competition. A personalized golf shirt makes a great groomsmen gift or photo opportunity. Top Golf is a popular alternative if the weather isn’t cooperating. Top Golf offers a fun and relaxed golf experience without the hassle of scheduling tee times or slow play.


It’s a great way to get your blood pumping and shake off those pre-wedding nerves. Invite your friends to join you at the gym or purchase passes for your local gym. They can work out, swim, and sweat in the sauna and steam room. You will feel like a new man, ready to walk down that aisle.

Shooting Range

It’s a great way to get rid of pre-wedding stress by spending a morning at the shooting range. You can shoot clays or practice target shooting with the equipment you have been eyeing. Orvis gear can be gifted to your guys, such as monogrammed trucker caps, bullet cufflinks, and bullet cuff links.

Find a ranch that offers tank driving lessons in your area for the ultimate experience. What could be more masculine than driving and shooting a World War II-era tank? This is a once in a lifetime experience you and your closest friends will never forget. You could also consider hosting a bachelor party if you don’t have one in your area.

Texas Hold ’em

A great pre-wedding activity is playing cards and smoking cigars. Play poker, raise the stakes and win prizes. The winner will receive a bottle of Bourbon, a Hermes tie, or a box of Cuban cigars. You can order room service and play in the hotel suite.

Gentlemen’s Shave

It is important to pamper men too. Don’t risk cutting your hair on the most important day of your life, and hire a professional barber to do the job. Nerves associated with getting married can be overwhelming. Enjoy a relaxing facial, steam or facial with your bros.

It is important to consider the atmosphere of the salon. Please research the best barbers in the area and ensure that their portfolio matches your style.

Boys Brunch

It’s easy to forget what to eat when you have so much on your plate. Brunch is the ideal antidote for a hectic day. It’s a Southern tradition that all groomsmen will love, whether at home or in a hotel. You may be able to watch a sporting event while you brunch if you’re lucky.

Be gentle with the Bloody Marys and beers. Slow and steady is the key to success!

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