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The “I just got engaged!” feeling is unbeatable. It’s that moment in your life when you realize the love of you wants to spend the rest with you.

The phone calls to squealing family members, the congratulations, and the happiness and excitement surrounding you and your partner in your little bubble as you enjoy this totally-at-peace-and-madly-in-love moment together.

This is a very special moment that should be treasured for as long as possible. Because what’s next can be quite overwhelming. It’s that moment of realization when everything seems so overwhelming, and there are many things to do before you can say “I do”.

There are likely a lot of ideas in your head. The most difficult step, and often the first, is to define your wedding vision. How can you begin planning your dream wedding if you don’t know what it looks like?

If you want your wedding to be everything you hoped for and beautiful, you must define your wedding vision.

We have some tips and a worksheet to help you put your ideas into a cohesive vision. This will ensure that you have an unforgettable wedding.

Prioritize your priorities

First, remember the real purpose of the day: to celebrate your love for your partner. You want your wedding vision to be authentic to you and your partner. It should reflect the amazing team you make together and the love that you share.

It makes sense, then, that before you start defining your wedding vision, it is important to consider what defines you as a couple: your relationship, values, and personalities.

Do you and your partner enjoy being relaxed, easygoing, and spending weekends at the beach? A summer beach-inspired wedding is a great way to celebrate. If you and your partner are huge foodies and enjoy entertaining friends and family, then a long outdoor feasting lunch might be the perfect day.

It can be a great idea to include a special memory or hobby in your wedding vision. You might consider including a menu from Italy or olive leaf in your wedding decor if you have fond memories of spending six months travelling around Italy.

It can be difficult not to get distracted by the small details and lose sight of the bigger picture once the planning begins. So sit down with your partner to discuss your essentials and what is most important to you.

Prioritize together

Write down the top 3 must-haves on your big day. Ask your partner to list their top 3 must-haves while you do the same. ).

You might include details such as a bartender who serves your signature drink, a musician to play at cocktail hour, or your favourite colour in the decor. After you are done, review your list and rank the key elements according to priority.

You might be surprised to find out what your partner considers a priority. They may have great ideas that you wouldn’t have thought of otherwise.

It is a great way to stay focused on the most important things when defining your wedding vision.

To help you and your fiance determine what is most important, print the Wedding Vision & Priorities worksheet. This list can be kept handy, so you can refer to it frequently, ticking off each item.

Consider your wedding date.

Are you deciding when you will tie the knot? Even if you don’t yet have a date set, you likely have an idea about the season you want to marry. This can be a great starting point for determining the style and look of your wedding.

You are planning an outdoor wedding during the summer. A dark and moody colour palette with heavy linens may not work well for this setting. However, a light and bright theme with natural textures and bright colours would create a lovely and seasonal atmosphere for your guests.

If your wedding occurs in winter, you might consider having warm blankets woven around the venue. These little details are thoughtful and practical and reflect the season. They can also be beautiful details that will help define your wedding.

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