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When it comes to how your wedding will look, the styling of your wedding is a key factor. It can also be the most costly, so many brides are opting for DIY wedding decor.

DIY weddings are a great way for you to save money and express your creativity. But DIY decor can be perceived as cheap or tacky. This is not true.

Thanks to websites like Pinterest or Instagram, many creative and modern DIY wedding styling ideas will suit the modern bride. Keep reading to see 10 stunning (and very simple!) styling ideas for a DIY wedding.

Greenery wreaths

For those who want to include foliage and flowers in their wedding styling elements, greenery wreaths are a great DIY project.

These DIY wreaths can be made in minutes and are very versatile. For a modern backdrop to your ceremony, we recommend hanging various wreaths at different heights. You can also hang them above your wedding table for a statement piece.

You will need either embroidery hoops or stiff wire to make your greenery wreaths. Thin wire can be used to wrap the chosen flowers or foliage (artificial wire will work). The structure should be wrapped around it. You don’t have to worry about the appearance of your foliage – unstructured and asymmetrical wreaths can look better.

Balloon Garlands

A fun and unique feature to add to any wedding are balloons! Although they may not be the most striking feature, you can make a statement balloon feature that complements your wedding styling with just a few tweaks.

You can add trailing garlands to large helium balloons. This is a DIY decor project you should try. You can go bold with paper tassels and ribbons in your wedding colors. You can pair foliage garlands and white balloons for a less formal look.

Balloon garlands look great when placed in groups. You can place them near your dessert table, bar, or dance floor to create a focal point. You can anchor them to styling elements such as your welcome sign or seating charts for something even more secure.

Ombre Napkins

We love the DIY idea of making statement ombre napkins to bring a splash of color to your table settings.

You’d be amazed at how simple a white napkin can be transformed by fabric dye, no matter your color scheme.

Plain white napkins can be purchased in bulk quantities at a great price. Or, for a natural look, you can purchase white fabric that has been cut into napkin-sized lengths. Dip-dye your napkins in a bowl of your preferred fabric dye to create subtle ombre effects. You don’t have to make each napkin the same color.

This DIY project is perfect for bohemian weddings. It can also double as favors for your guests.

Place cards for Magnolia Leaf

Place cards made from magnolia leaves are a lovely touch for weddings with earthy or tropical themes. They can be easily made at home and are beautiful!

While magnolia leaves are used to create bouquets and arrangements of flowers, their flat, round shape makes them perfect for writing. You need a paintbrush (white or metallic) to create natural place cards that perfectly match an organic tablescape; you need a paintbrush (white or metallic).

These place cards can also be used as a “green” alternative for people who are planning a paperless or eco-friendly wedding reception.

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