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Marriage is not just a ceremony and a reception. It’s an entire affair. Because the months ahead will be hectic, it is important to make time for celebrations. It is easy to forget about all the pre-wedding festivities and events, from the engagement to the cake cutting. Keep reading to learn everything you need about these pre-wedding celebrations and why they should be included in your event calendar.

Engagement Party

The engagement party is the first order of celebrations! This is the start of pre-wedding celebrations with a bang! This event doesn’t have a set structure, so be creative! This event can be anything you want, from a cocktail party to a celebration at someone’s house. An engagement party is an excellent way to bring together close friends and family to celebrate the union.

Often, the party is hosted by either one or both families. However, this is not always true. Invites should be sent to close family members and friends attending the wedding party. The party should be held within three months of your engagement or shortly after that. This is a great way for your friends and family to get together to celebrate this exciting time.

Bridal Shower

Gifts, laughter and delicious food can be exchanged by showering the bride-to-be. Bridal showers are a pre-wedding party where guests bring gifts and food. The maid-of-honor usually plans this event with the help of the bridesmaids. You can make the party as formal or informal as you like, but it should only include wedding guests.

It is best to schedule it for a weekend that is not a holiday, about one month before the wedding. There are no set rules for the events, but usually, the bride will greet guests and then there will be food, games, gift-giving, and gifts. Guests usually leave their farewells with a piece of cake.

Bachelorette Parties

Both wedding parties host bachelor and bachelorette parties to celebrate the bride-to-be and their union. Although each party is different, they share the same celebrations. Traditional events are planned by the maid of honor and the best man with the wedding party as the guests. These parties can be planned for a fun night on the town or a weekend getaway for all the guests. This is a great way to let your wedding party relax and have fun before the big day. You should plan your experience around the honoree and what is most comfortable for them.

Bridal Luncheon

This is a ladies-only event also known as a Bridesmaids Luncheon. It is a celebration for the bride, her wedding party, and her guests. This optional event is held to thank the bridesmaids who worked so hard towards the wedding. This is a less popular event, so there aren’t many rules about the party structure. It also allows for more creativity.

You might consider hosting a champagne toast at home or a girls’ day at your salon a few days before the big day. Light hors-d’oeuvres are the best food choices. Bradford Catered Events has a variety of small bites, including club sandwiches and asparagus spears. Bradford can help you choose the perfect menu for your bridal luncheon.

Rehearsal Dinner

A rehearsal meal is usually held the night before the marriage, and, as the name implies, it is a rehearsal for the next day’s events. This is a wonderful opportunity for the groom and bride’s families and friends to get together and have quality time before the wedding. The groom’s family usually plans and pays for it, but the concept can be modified to suit the preferences of the bride or groom. Both the bride and the groom have to decide how the rehearsal dinner will be organized.

For all of these events, as well as your reception, we recommend that you hire the same company. This will allow you to trust the one company to do the job right and not deal with multiple vendors. We are known for being the best Knoxville wedding caterer, Bradford Catered Events. We help couples through the engagement process, from start to finish.

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