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I have been surprised by Edwin, my fiancee. He has taken me out for take-out meals in our living room, and he makes 5 AM phone calls to tell him, “I love you.” I have a common question: How can I sweeten the wedding? These are some of the ways I intend to surprise my husband on our wedding day. These unexpected moments will make him smile even more. Would you mind reminding him that it is all about him and that he is my happily ever after?

1. Create a “love note” journal. 

Although The Mr. is a published author, I could not be prouder. However, he is not the best at public speaking or conversing in private settings. He knows how to make me smile by leaving love notes all over the house. Each one will be published in a leather-bound notebook, with any new letters I have written, and given to him the morning of my wedding day. The sentiments are priceless, and it doesn’t cost much.

2. Invite your bridal party to join the fun. 

While I love all things mushy, we all know that I have my quirks. That’s why my girls may flash a message to my groom right before I walk down my aisle. It’s adorable, and he won’t even know it.

Or, have your girls text the message to him instead. He’ll be counting down the seconds until you walk down the aisle.

3. You can engrave Mr.’s wedding band with a message. 

This could be a verse or your wedding dates. Mr. may not be aware of this idea. However, he will be surprised to see my engraved ring on his wedding day.

4. After the vows, plan a private moment.

 We are marrying in Italy, near a lake. I plan to surprise Edwin with a magical boat trip for two after the vows. It’s a great time to get some alone time as the guests will be mixing during the cocktail hour. Consider a hayride if you are having a fall-themed ceremony.

5. Include his favourite foods. 

My man is eating a lot, so why not have some of his favourite snacks at the wedding? Add them in for a cocktail hour if he’s a hamburgers-and-hotdogs kind of guy, and you want your reception menu to be a bit more upscale. You can also host a midnight lounge that serves breakfast items such as mini pancakes, quiche, and doughnuts to celebrate your favourite meal.

6. Breakfast in bed the morning after the wedding is over.

 You may find it difficult to relax the next day due to the many events and endless hosting involved in throwing a wedding. Ask your planner or Maid of Honour to arrange breakfast in bed for you.

7. Send him some boudoir photos. 

This is a great gift idea and a trend I love. It doesn’t mean you have to be Playboy. However, it is possible to make it more sensual by wearing your favourite sports jersey or your 9-to-5 business shirt. Most brides surprise their husbands with boudoir photos at the wedding, but I’m planning to give mine to him on our honeymoon or one month anniversary. This will ensure that he doesn’t know it was there.

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