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Do you want to throw the most memorable wedding reception you and your family have ever witnessed? Then you have come to the right place. This edition is dedicated to the most talked-about part of the wedding. Many people believe that a memorable wedding reception is just a matter of chance. However, wedding planners understand the importance of carefully planning and executing them. Here are some tips to make your wedding memorable.

Both short and sweet

Toasts are all about quality, not quantity. Toasts are as meaningful and beautiful as they can be. However, it would be best if you didn’t let toasting go on forever. You should also limit the number of toasts. Select people who are important to you and gently remind them of that.

Lounge Act

You should create a lounge-like space in your reception area, such as this lounge area from this romantic Austin marriage. People can get bored sitting at the same tables for long periods, so a change in environment will encourage conversation and keep everyone entertained. Consider borrowing or renting couches, chairs, and other furniture, which you can then decorate with pillows and a votive candle in your wedding colours.


Sometimes guests are surprised by the unexpected parts of a reception. Surprise your guests with unplanned entertainment during the reception, such as a mariachi band or a salsa dancer. You can also create an entirely new theme for your wedding with this circus-themed.

What Tradition?

Do not make your friends stand before you to grab your bouquet. If the idea of your future husband putting his head underneath your gown to “find” it makes you feel sick, then don’t do that! You can incorporate your style and tradition into your reception. We are seeing a lot of lawn games being used in receptions, like this outdoor Austin wedding. This will be a refreshing departure from the usual.

Photo Finish

Renting or DIY-ing a photo booth will capture the spirit of the evening. Family and friends can have a great time and make wonderful keepsakes. The photo booth photos will be a great way to remember your guests and make lasting memories. Have fun with props, and use a hashtag on social media such as this one from this entertaining Fort Worth wedding.

After the party, it’s the After Party.

You can keep the party going well after the formal reception. Even if the reception venue closes at a specific time, your guests can still enjoy the party by inviting them to an after-party. You can make this as formal or casual as you wish, but it doesn’t cost much. You and your guests can meet in a bar or restaurant lounge free of charge.

Good food, good drink and good music

Whatever you choose to include in your wedding reception, making sure your guests are happy will ensure a memorable event. Exercising the “happy guests trifecta” of good food, good drinks, and good music is key to keeping your guests happy. Make sure there is plenty of food and drinks. The music should be constant and appeal to the senses of the crowd. These elements will make your celebration unforgettable!

Happy Planning 😉


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